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There are so many good reasons to invest in your dream kitchen, whether you want a more inspiring environment for creating meals or an attractive place for eating and entertaining. With Quartzize you can make the dream a reality, with stunning replacement worktops that are installed quickly, without fuss right over your old existing worktops within a day.

Our Worktop Range

The benefits of Quartzize

The stunning colours of Quartzize

  • Arabesque Marble
  • Bianco Riso
  • Black Sparkle
  • Carerra Marble
  • Crema Argento
  • Crema Riso
  • Grigio Argento
  • Grigio Chiaro
  • Macchia Nera
  • Sabbia Riso
  • Sasso Risso
  • White Sparkle

The benefits of Quartzize

WHY QUARTZ? - To compose a quartz work surface, advanced polymer resins and pigments are fused with 95% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature.

The result is a beautiful quartz counter top and surfacing material that can handle anything you throw at it. This blend of nature and technology also allows us to create the perfect worktop.

  • Hygienic & Stain Resistant – An almost perfectly smooth surface (non-porous) leaves nowhere for germs to hide, unlike Granite. We have tested our product to prove, not even stubborn red wine leaves any marks on your surfaces
  • Cost – Up to 40% Cheaper than granite
  • Easy to care for – Once installed, no maintenance is required, other than a quick wipe with a neutral cleaner or warm water!
  • Durable – Scratch resistant surface and is more than tough enough to withstand everyday knocks and scrapes
  • Timeless – there is something about stone that means it never goes out of fashion
  • Easily installed – Effectively fitted within a day with no mess, and leaves a long lasting, beautiful, high quality finish.