Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quartzize?

Quartz is an abundant natural,mineral that we use to manufacture into stunning overlay work surfaces.

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Frequently asked questions

Granite slabs, while tough, are a natural product that can have faults and imperfections. As quartz is an engineered stone there are no imperfections or colour matching issues. It is an easily maintained product, with the looks of a natural stone surface.

Quartz is an extremely tough mineral, it can usually only be scratched by something similar such as a diamond or sapphires. This makes Quartz extremely durable and looks at its best for many years.

Quartzize comes with a 6 year warranty, but once fitted, it is extremely unlikely anything can ever go wrong with them.

As long as your existing tops are in a reasonable condition, they can be successfully covered, and will look fantastic.

Most installations are completed in a day, so you will only be without your sink and hob for a few hours.

We offer a free, no obligation in home quotation. One of our surveyors will visit you, show you large sections of each colour, so you can see in your own home, which colour suits best. After taking some accurate measurements, we can give you an exact quotation.

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